Dennery Farmers Market a success
Monday, February 17, 2020
by Anicia Antoine, GIS

The Taiwanese Technical Mission in conjunction with the Ministry of Agriculture hosted a farmers market in the community of Mabouya Valley.

The main objective of the farmers market was to encourage the purchasing of local produce. The initiative forms part of a project titled the “Enhancement of the Efficiency of Production and Distribution Supply Chains in the Fruits and Vegetables Sector.” It focuses on seven crops over a three-year period.

Agline Eudovic is the Project Co-ordinator for the seven crop project.

“Farmers already have their traditional markets, like the Castries market,” she said. “So we’re trying to explore non-traditional markets for the farmers that are closer to the communities.”

The farmers market showcased three of the seven crops under the vegetable diversification project, as well as other produce such as honey and local wines.

Chen Pinyu of the Taiwanese Technical Mission noted that this is the fifth farmers market.

“We aim to reduce the import bill for vegetables in Saint Lucia which is why we are trying to increase production,” he said. “Besides helping them with the techniques, we also bring new technological improvements.”

Local farmers from the village of Dennery expressed their contentment with the initiative.

“I’m thankful for the farmers market and I’m satisfied with the level of engagement,” said farmer, Francois Bispart.

“It is a very good step,” said farmer, Castor Cox. “As you can see, there are many customers. It is a good initiative and I hope that it continues.”

The production improvement project commenced in 2019, and will culminate in 2021.

The next farmers market is slated for Feb. 28, at the Constitution Park in Castries.