Iyanola project supports sustainable livelihood development
Friday, October 26, 2018
by GIS

The Iyanola Project, an initiative that focuses on the management of natural resources in the island’s northeast, recently completed a consultation that assessed the sustainability of biodiversity livelihoods.

Francilia Solomon, Iyanola Project Coordinator in the Department of Sustainable Development, said the results will enable the project to provide support for those livelihoods that rely heavily on natural resources.

“Our consultancy on biodiversity livelihoods was recently completed and some of the areas that we will now be venturing into include that of apiculture—beekeeping—with a total of 40 hives being done throughout the project area,” she said. “During that activity we will be looking at the production of honey as well as beeswax. Our second area will be developing that of the Latanye palms which we use to make our local brooms.”

The project also seeks to develop cultural tourism that serves to educate on the history and way of life of those who live in the rural northeast.

“An additional area of sustainable livelihoods for the project will be that of cultural heritage for tourism purposes. During that we will be working with the Cultural Development Foundation to train persons through the project area to put on three signature productions based on the history and culture of the different communities within the project area with a view to, in the first instance, putting these productions on for locals and visitors alike at the Pigeon Island National Landmark as well as the National Cultural Centre, and further on, to take these productions into the communities,” she said.

Project officers are considering further proposals for livelihoods that are dependent on the local coconut and almond oil industries.

“We are preparing project proposals for complimentary livelihood possibilities with the use of coconut and almond oils. These are readily available within the project area.”

Such diversification, Ms. Solomon said, provides additional opportunities for persons to be sustainably and gainfully be employed.