NCPC hosts Productivity Awareness Week
Friday, October 11, 2019

Productivity Awareness Week was created to build awareness of the issues related to productivity in Saint Lucia while increasing dialog between public/private sector entities.

The event is organized by the National Competitiveness and Productivity Council (NCPC). Director for the NCPC, Fiona Hinkson, indicated that the theme for this year’s observance is “Embracing Competitiveness Through Research and Innovation.”

“For Productivity Awareness Week we always say to the public, take this time to reflect on what you’ve been doing for the year. Have I been productive? What can I do differently? What can I incorporate into my business processes to make a difference? How can I motive my staff in order to be more productive? Productivity is not only about the worker, it’s also about the business owner. It’s about everybody doing their part and eventually when everybody does their part then we will have a more productive society.”

Productivity Awareness Week will be launched on Oct. 14, and will feature a theatrical presentation produced/directed by Drenia Frederick. An exhibition and health fair will also be staged on the grounds of the Finance Administrative Building in Pointe Seraphine and the day will culminate with a televised panel discussion on the topic “How do we achieve a more competitive Saint Lucia.

On October 14 to 15, the Research and Policy Unit in the Department of Finance will stage a Research Symposium under the theme “Research—The Platform For Innovation, Competitiveness And Growth.”

Jemma Lafeuille, the Director for Research and Policy, said: “So the areas of focus for this year’s symposium are on the real sector more specifically agricultural production.  Also on the social sector looking at issues related to education, health and poverty as well as environmental concerns we’re looking at the impact of climate change and natural disasters and also on financial matters some issues surrounding deposit growth as well as electronic payment systems.”

Resident Representative for the ECCB in Saint Lucia, Sheran Ferdinand said the ECCB is happy to once again partnered with the NCPC and will present “The future of the EC Currency, the Digital EC Dollar,” on October 16th. She said the information is relevant to everyone from the small to larger business operation, the A Level student to the ordinary man on the street.

“We are proud to present on the Digital EC Dollar. We want persons to know that this in not in any way involved with the other digital currencies out there, it is just a different format of the EC Dollar offering another alternative for payment methods.”

On October 17 the NCPC will host an open day for select businesses to utilize the NCPC’s productivity measuring tool called the Protool. It is expected that 12 business will participate in this exercise.

The Department of Economic Development has also partnered with the NCPC to stage the final event for Productivity Awareness Week on Friday October 18. Stanza Deligny is the Representative from the Department of Economic Development.

“Well the final activity to commemorate Productivity Awareness Week it the Department of Economic Development’s “Exposition de Développement Économique.”  So on the 18th of October students will be educated by ministry officials on the six key areas for the medium term development strategy, also how it links to sustainable development and our overall national development plan.”

For more information on the activities for Productivity Awareness Week 2019 you can visit the NCPC’s facebook page by searching Stluciancpc.