Open data initiative progresses
Monday, August 10, 2015
by Jacques Compton, GIS
Experts assess Saint Lucia's open data developments in an effort to increase access to the various government agencies.

The department for Effective Management within the Organization of American States (OAS), is currently assessing Saint Lucia's open government initiative.

The assessment is as a result of an official request from the Ministry of the Public Service, Information and Broadcasting.

OAS Consultant Enrica De Pasquale said the purpose of the visit is to gather information, and exchange ideas and experiences between experts from the collaborating countries and public officers from Saint Lucia.

“This visit [will] deepen the knowledge of some public management issues specifically open data, citizen participation and access to public information. We are here with a group of experts [including] a representative from the presidency of the Republic of Mexico and a representative from the Ministry of Public Administration of Trinidad and Tobago.”

The analysis will engage various government departments in an attempt to increase access to public information and provide greater transparency within the public service.

Minister for the Public Service, Sustainable Development, Energy, Science and Technology, Hon. Dr. James Fletcher, said Saint Lucia's public service ministry is completely committed to this initiative.

“[This] comes on the heels of a very successful collaboration with the World Bank on open data initiatives, followed by an open street mapping initiative. It is all geared towards opening up government to the public, so that they can be confident in what we are doing, and there can be greater transparency," Dr. Fletcher said.

The public officers involved in the analysis are experts in public information access, open data and citizen participation.

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