Prime Minister visits OKH
Friday, March 27, 2020
by Glen Simon, Ministry of Health

Private physicians under the Saint Lucia Medical and Dental Association are working diligently with counterparts from the Victoria Hospital to strategize a safe, seamless transition of equipment and in-patients to the Owen King EU Hospital.

Medical Director at the Victoria Hospital, Dr. Alisha Eugene-Ford, said “this is something that will benefit the whole nation of Saint Lucia, and we’re working tirelessly to make it happen.”

Nursing Director, Ruth Regis-Adesanya has been instrumental in strategizing the move to the Owen King Hospital.

“It’s encouraging to see an event that we’ve planned for so long actually coming to fruition. We are privileged to be part of this, and we’re really, really excited.” 

Prime Minister, Hon. Allen Chastanet visited the new hospital on Wednesday, March 25. He commended the staff for their hard work and dedication.  

“What was most encouraging was to see the morale of the staff here, given the magnitude of what they’re going to have to accomplish over the next 72 hours. Many of them have been working for 16 days continuously, and everybody remains focused, everybody has smiles on their faces, and everybody remains incredibly enthusiastic.

“Friday is a momentous day. I was working in Planning when the concept of having a new hospital came about with Minister Lansiquot, and we’ve seen many ministers of health and many prime ministers since then try to bring this to fruition. This is the largest capital investment programme that the EU has done in the southern part of the Caribbean, and on Friday, the doors will be opened,” he said.

Health professionals say the new facility will allow for better delivery of service, and a higher quality of care and comfort for clients.