Public Service Dept. to launch anti-bullying campaign
Friday, November 1, 2019
by Department of the Public Service

The Department of the Public Service is set to launch its first- ever “Say No to Bullying Campaign” on Monday, Nov. 4, at the Public Service Training Division at Union.

Under the theme, “Together Let’s Stop Bullying”, the main purpose of the campaign is to provide pertinent information on how to recognize, address and resolve incidents of workplace bullying.

The “Say No to Bullying Campaign” will be spearheaded by the Public Service Training Division, and will involve a series of workshops during the week of November 4th, to November 08th, 2019, targeted at Permanent Secretaries, Deputy Permanent Secretaries, other Heads of Departments/Sections and Human Resource Officers.  

The designated colour for the “Say No to Bullying Campaign” is royal blue; and officers are invited to wear something blue during the course of the week in support of the campaign.

On Friday November 08, 2019 a tent will be erected at the Greaham Louisy Car Park, where resourced personnel will be present to engage the public on the emotional impact of bullying and how to deal with situations associated with bullying in the work place.  Also on that day, all public officers wearing blue will gather on the staircase leading to Barnard Hill, for a photo-shoot at 3:00pm.

The Public Service Training Division has committed to making the “Say No to Bullying Campaign” an annual event.