Saint Lucia’s first synthetic playing field nears completion
Monday, October 29, 2018
by Department of Youth Development and Sports

Saint Lucia’s first synthetic playing facility—a FIFA-sponsored project in Grand Riviere, Dennery—is now at an advanced stage.

The supervisor for the placement of the surface explained the process.

“We start with a well-drained base. We have a lot of rainfall over here and to make this field playable at all times, and all year long, there must be a drainage system which is a buildup of crushed stone sub-base. On top of it we have a perforated carpet which lets water through, so that we don’t have any surface water afterward. The carpet is laid down under the specifications of FIFA.

“Right now we are doing the infill which is a material of crushed rubber made from recycled car tires, which gives a natural feel for sliding resistance, shock absorption, and ball roll. We are halfway on the infill process and expect to be finished on Friday.”

President of the Saint Lucia Football Association, Lyndon Cooper, is looking forward to the commissioning of the new facility.

“This will definitely be a venue for all national teams to train. The plan is to have, most likely, all the semifinal and final matches of our domestic competitions here. But we are trying to make it an international sized venue in the long run.”

The Government of Saint Lucia is currently in the process of establishing synthetic surfaces at various venues on the island. Rhikkie Alexander, Executive Assistant to the Minister responsible for Youth Development and Sports, said: “We have the FIFA project underway with the artificial turf, which is what we are hoping to do at some of the various venues around the island. Minister Edmund Estephane, the Minister for Youth Development and Sports, has clearly indicated that the government is focused on professionalizing sports.”

The Soufriere mini stadium has been earmarked as the next facility on island to have a synthetic surface.