UNESCO IPDC opens new project submission cycle
Thursday, January 16, 2020

The Saint Lucia National Commission for UNESCO is pleased to announce the UNESCO IPDC Call for Project Proposals.

The IPDC is designed to mobilise the international community in promoting media development in developing countries.

ELIGIBILITY: Projects will be considered only if submitted by the following entities: editorially-independent media organization; professional associations of media workers; institutions offering regular media development services; organisations/institutions that offer regular and model courses for working and future journalists or community organisations; or NGOs working in the community media sector, such as community radio.

IPDC PRIORITIES: Priority will be giving to project proposals which meet the following criteria: foster media sector analysis and reform including conducting media assessments based on UNESCO´s MDIs, JSIs and IUIs*; monitor and report on SDG 16 (focusing on access to information and/or safety of journalists); improve journalism education, including by using resources produced by IPDC´s Global Initiative for Excellence in Journalism Education; strengthen media institutions in developing countries.

roposals may increase their chances of success if they include adaptation/use of UNESCO resources like UNESCO’s education/training handbooks/curricula and indicators frameworks, or if they link to monitoring 16.10.2 (access to information) or to building/strengthening mechanisms to monitor 16.10.1 (safety of journalists and impunity).

Gender transformative projects (addressing the cause of inequality) are strongly encouraged. All projects must be at least gender sensitive. AWARD: A minimum of USD10,000.00 and a maximum of USD35,000.00 A copy of the Project Submission Form, as well as, Guidelines on filling out the Project Submission Form are attached. Completed Project Submission Forms should reach the Secretary General of the Saint Lucia National Commission for UNESCO (via email: slunatcom@yahoo.com) on or before 12:00 noon on Monday 27th January 2020.