Deputy Registrar, Registry of the Supreme Court, Department of Justice

Published: 2/4/2020 12:37:11 PM


Applications are invited from suitably qualified persons for appointment to the post of Deputy Registrar, Registry of the Supreme Court, Department of Justice, Saint Lucia.



JOB TITLE             :         Deputy Registrar


REPORTS TO         :         Registrar, Supreme Court


SUPERVISES        :         Staff of the Registry


CLASSIFICATION :         Grade 17





  1. To provide support for the administration of the courts, adhering to statutory and regulatory requirements of the law and the Constitution; managing the business and day-to-day functions of the courts to ensure efficiency in the operations of the judicial system inclusive of the Commercial, Criminal and Civil Courts.


  1. Responds to the Permanent Secretary on work-related matters and liaises with Court Administrators, internal and external clients.




  1. Assists with the management and supervision of the administrative functions of the Commercial, Civil and Criminal Courts, by coordinating specific functional processes to ensure due process in the execution of court affairs in accordance with the law.


  1. Assists the judiciary as required, to provide information and advice on case matters before the court and to support the Justices.


  1. Responds to queries on court-related matters and legal documentation.


  1. Ensures the effective administration of the case management system utilizing and recommending set policies and procedures to facilitate the monitoring and evaluation of court proceedings, cases, preparation of reports and efficiency in the management of the judicial system.


  1. Ensures the registration of legal documents, as required by law, to provide direction on such fillings for timely filing and that such documents adheres to the formats of the courts. 


  1. Manages court proceedings by effecting court policies and procedures, administering duties of the courtroom, preparation and maintenance of legal documentation, scheduling and case management and directing officers of the court and staff of the Registry to guarantee consistency and compliance within the judicial system and adherence to legal and administrative requirements.


  1. Assists with the preparation of policy and procedures manuals for the Registry, Supreme Court through research and consultation to ensure the department’s adherence to proper Court protocols.


  1. Oversees the implementation of policy decisions and ongoing work programmes of the Registry, Supreme Court through consultation and dialogue with the Court Administrators and managers, continuous monitoring and evaluation to ensure effective functioning of the Court.


  1. Administers/(precedes) the functions of the Grants of Probate and the Sheriff and Marshall of the State following the prescribed procedures as per state law and procedures to fulfill statutory requirements.


  1. Ensures the effective functioning of the Judicial Enforcement Management System (JEMS) through timely renewal of licenses and maintenance of the system for more efficient and accurate workflow, case management and courtroom processing.


  1. Manages the records management database using prescribed procedures and policies to ensure the availability of current and reliable information for the assessment, analyses and preparation of monthly, quarterly and yearly reports.


  1. Assists with leading and managing the division through the development of the annual work plans, measurable targets and directing the allocation of resources to enable the achievement of performance objectives and efficiency in operations.


  1. Undertakes performance management through planning, monitoring and reviewing work objectives, target setting, coaching, training and development, mentoring and motivating staff to maximize productivity and to enable continuous assessment and improvement in the Division.


  1. Provides technical advice and guidance on policies and practices, through the use of expert knowledge, dialogue and consultation to enable decision making which is in accordance with legislation, regulations, and policies.



  1. Assists with the coordination of the annual budgetary process, through planning meetings with heads of divisions and the Department of Finance; analyzing and reviewing budget submissions for accuracy, legal and financial compliance and to ensure it captures the key objectives and programmes for the coming budget year.


  1. Remains current on legal developments through research and study, for the provision of high-quality legal services and advice.


  1. May be required to deputize in the position of the Registrar in his or her absence


  1. Performs any other job-related duties as may be assigned.




  1. Congenial accommodation is provided within a general administrative office.


  1. Institutional support provided through access to appropriate civil service regulations, departmental guidelines, The Saint Lucia Constitution Order 1978, Revised Laws of Saint Lucia and other relevant documents.


  1. Opportunities exist for personal development and career advancement.


  1. Required to operate office equipment by undertaking repetitive hand movements, fine motor coordination and sitting for prolonged periods


  1. Required to work beyond the normal working hours from time to time.


  1. Required to remain current on legal developments.


  1. Required to exercise a high degree of integrity, confidentiality and professionalism in the conduct of duties.
  2. Required to demonstrate a high level of political acuity.


  1. Required to function in a regular traveling post with travel allowance provided in accordance with terms and conditions of employment.


  1. Required to maintain a motor vehicle for the proper performance of duties.


  1. Salary and benefits are in accordance with that stipulated in the terms and conditions of employment.




  1. Advanced knowledge of the Laws of Saint Lucia including laws relating to insolvency, the Civil Code and Code of Civil Procedure, and Execution of Judgments.


  1. Advanced knowledge of legal principles and Court procedures and practices.


  1. Advanced knowledge of legal research skills and techniques including the use of electronic research tools and the use of various office automation tools.


  1. Advance and working knowledge of the Judicial Case Management Systems


  1. Advanced Knowledge of and ability to interpret and apply civil service rules and regulations, departmental guidelines and standard operating procedures and Staff Orders and any other relevant policy and legislative documents.


  1. Expert oral, written communication and presentation skills and expert skills to accuracy and attention to detail.


  1. Ability to conduct legal and other research, analyze and interpret laws and regulations.


  1. Ability to present and explain statements of fact and the law.


  1. Ability to exercise judgment, tact, diplomacy, impartiality, decisiveness and clarity in the execution of duties.


  1. Ability to effectively plan, organize and manage time.


  1. Ability to effectively develop and maintain working relationships with management, colleagues, partners, members of the public and stakeholders at all levels.

1.     Master’s Degree in Law, plus Legal Education Certificate, and one (1) year experience in a post at grade 14 or above; or one (1) year relevant working experience.


  1. Bachelor’s Degree in Law, plus Post Graduate Diploma in Law and Legal Education Certificate, and two (2) years’ experience in a post at Grade 14 and above; or at least two (2) years relevant working experience.


  1. Bachelor’s Degree in Law, plus Legal Education Certificate, and three (3) years’ experience in a post at Grade 14; or at least three (3) years relevant working experience.




  1. Demonstrated compliance and application of Civil Service Regulations, Departmental Guidelines, Standard Operating Procedures, Pensions Act and general human resource, rules, regulations and policies.


  1. Demonstrated knowledge of, and ability to interpret and apply the Laws of           Saint Lucia including laws relating to insolvency, the Civil Code and Code of Civil Procedure, and Execution of Judgments.


  1. Demonstrated application of job knowledge and/or technical expertise relevant to the job.


  1. Effective implementation of duties, responsibilities and assignments as defined in the Job Description.


  1. Demonstrated accuracy, attention to detail and effectiveness of completed work.


  1. Demonstrated willingness to accept the responsibility and authority of the post and ability to take effective decisions.


  1. Demonstrated ability to analyze information and problems to arrive at logical conclusions and implement appropriate solutions.


  1. Demonstrated time management skills and ability to complete assigned tasks in a timely manner; punctuality and presence for work, meetings and appointments.


  1. Demonstrated ability to work collaboratively; interact positively and communicate effectively with team members and internal and external clients and stakeholders.


  1. Demonstrated ability to display self-reliance, creativity, initiative, innovation and ingenuity in effectively fulfilling the duties of the post.


  1. Demonstrated ability to maintain confidentiality and flexibility in scheduling work assignments as priorities change and ability to manage time in a fast-paced environment.


  1. Demonstrated level of political acuity and emotional intelligence in the conduct of duties.


  1. Demonstrated ability to remain current with legal knowledge and developments.


  1. Demonstrated ability to apply legal principles, understand and adhere to court proceedings and case management.


  1. Demonstrated ability to effectively utilize legal research skill and techniques using various resources


  1. Demonstrated ability to effectively analyze and present laws and legislation.




  1. Tax-free Salary at the rate of seventy-five thousand, seven hundred and sixty-two dollars ($75,762.00 (Grade 17 Step I) per annum.


  1. Travel Allowance at the rate of seven thousand, six hundred and twenty dollars ($7,620.00) per annum. (Officer must own and maintain a vehicle in order to receive this allowance)
  2. Legal Officer’s Allowance at the rate of eighteen thousand dollars ($18,000.00) per annum.


  1. Twenty-three (23) days of vacation leave per annum.


  1. Twenty-five percent (25%) gratuity of basic salary (not including allowances) will be paid on satisfactory of completion of your contract. 


Applications, accompanied by two references and certified copies of documents pertaining to qualifications, should be addressed to:

The Secretary

Judicial and Legal Services Commission

2nd Floor, Heraldine Rock Building

The Waterfront

P.O. Box 1093


Saint Lucia, West Indies

to reach him no later than Friday, 28th February 2020.


NB:    Applications may also be submitted via email to Unsuitable candidates will not be acknowledged. Candidates meeting the minimum qualifications and experience may not be considered for an interview. Only the candidates with the best qualifications and experience will be shortlisted for interview.

Ministry: Ministry of Home Affairs, Justice and National Security