17 Invested into the Order of Saint Lucia
Tuesday, February 26, 2008
by Claudia Monlouis
Seventeen Saint Lucians were welcomed as new members of the Order of Saint Lucia when Governor General Dame Pearlette Louisy hosted the annual Independence Day Awards on Sunday February 24th at Government House.
The highest honour - the Saint Lucia Cross - went to local businessman Arnott Francois Valmont for outstanding contributions to the business community. The Saint Lucia Medal of Merit (Gold) went to Martha Pierre and Dr. Robert Kinder. The Saint Lucia Les Piton Medal (Gold) was awarded to Madison Adrian Stanislaus and Glenda Itiaba, while the National Service Cross was awarded to Gregory Piper of the Royal St. Lucia Police Band.

Eleven individuals received Public Service Long Service Awards. Ethel Jn. Baptiste, Yvette Agatha Harris Gachette, Thomas Daniel, Lawrence Winston Constantine, Superintendent Gregory Owen Antoine, Superintendent Joseph Eugene, John Foster Willie, Sub Officer Roxanne Meril, Leading Fireman Victor Jn. Baptiste, Clive Jules and Mr. Dominic Soudine- Prison Service.

Chairperson of the National Awards Committee McDonald Dixon at Sunday's ceremony reiterated a call for more recommendations of deserving nationals to be made to the committee.

"Our expectations grow high as we thrive to attain varying levels of recognition from outside. But still our labour must begin at home. I therefore expect that every village chairman, every town council, Justices of the Peace, mothers and fathers clubs and other organizations with strong ties to civil society, will nominate deserving candidates in the year to come,"he said.

The Order of St. Lucia Investiture Ceremony is among the prominent activities of the Independence calendar of events.