First batch of quarantined released
Friday, April 3, 2020
by Fernelle Neptune, Ministry of Health

Eighty five individuals at the Rodney Bay Public Health Facility have completed their fourteen days in quarantine and were sent home.

The individuals showed no signs and symptoms of COVID-19 and were provided with certificates of health upon their departure.

Chief Medical Officer Dr. Sharon Belmar-George noted that the first batch of individuals released from quarantine entered the facility on Friday, March 20, 2020.

“Everyone has been checked. They got their clinical check from this morning and transportation has been arranged for them to get to their community and also they received care packages given that the supermarkets are closed. We were working in collaboration with NEMO so we were able to arrange and organize that they get care packages on their release to ensure they have a supply of food available when they get home.”

Lead Administrator of the Rodney Bay Public Health Facility Audrey Best says she is very glad that the individuals in quarantine get to go home and expressed hope that they receive support from the community.

“Happy for them, happy that they can go home to their families and find some kind of balance. The hope that the community that they going into understands that quarantine does not mean that you have contracted the virus. The hope that the people on the outside understands what it means when I have contracted the virus, how should I stay safe. Saint Lucians really have to understand what the virus is and how you can protect yourself and we have to be taking care of our families that are sick and extending the love, care and appreciation to whoever is in your community for whatever the reason contracted the virus and that we can help them get better.”

Two individuals released from quarantine shared their experience.

Jahiem Octalien speaks: “When I first came here I didn’t really like here cause I came here for a funeral and they kept me here like I could not go and like I wanted to go funeral so it was like me the guy who jumped the wall to go home cause I did like here and wanted to go funeral and I came for that and I didn’t really come here for quarantine and thing. When I came back here it was patchy cause it is better be here than being out there cause you see out there have some disease and thing so I staying here. I don’t mind staying here cause out there have more disease than here cause we safer inside of here.”

Phillip Julian speaks: “Saint Lucians stay home, don’t blame anybody and be happy because the government of the Prime Minister has not done anything wrong. He is just trying to save lives.”

Over the next few days, another batch of individuals in quarantine will be released and sent home.