ISL donates to JA programme
Friday, October 26, 2018
by Anicia Antoine, GIS

Junior Achievement Saint Lucia has been concentrating on developing the spirit of entrepreneurship in young people, through school and community programs.

Toward that goal, Invest Saint Lucia (ISL) has donated a cheque of EC$15,000 to the organization.

Kirt Hosam, the chairperson of the board expressed his gratitude towards Invest Saint Lucia.

“Today, I am sincerely grateful to Invest Saint Lucia for its investment in junior achievement and I want to thank ISL on behalf of the board, the secretariat of Junior Achievement Saint Lucia. But more importantly, I want to thank them because the young people who will be empowered through this financial injection, will be able to have a viable option when they graduate. They will actually have the skills, competence and the entrepreneurial spirit that allows them options when they leave school.”

Mr. Hosam indicated that the donation will go a long way in supporting the junior achievement program.

“Our primary school program starts the kids with the basic financial concepts that of saving, that of being able to be prudent in terms of how they spend their money,” he said.