USNS visit a success
Thursday, October 3, 2019
by Ministry of Health

The Department of Health and Wellness is pleased to inform that the medical mission of the United States Naval Ship (USNS) Comfort, held from Sep. 23 to Oct. 1 was a success.

Clinics were held for six days at the Owen King EU Hospital and the National Cultural Centre where clients received services in adult medicine, pediatric medicine, dental and eye care along with other specialized medical services. A total of 79 Saint Lucians received surgical procedures aboard the USNS Comfort. In addition, 48 clients received echocardiograms.

A total of 4846 clients benefitted from services at the two medical sites over the time period: adult medicine was 1665 clients, pediatric medicine was 264 clients, dental services was 756 clients, and eye care was 2161 clients.

The Department of Health and Wellness is extremely grateful for the support and collaboration of those who made this medical mission a success. The Department also expresses its deepest gratitude to the team of the United States Naval Ship, Comfort, for providing Saint Lucians with the opportunity to receive medical services.