Ministry of Public Service, Home Affairs, Labour and Gender Affairs

Public Sector Modernisation

Address: 2nd Floor Greaham Louisy Administrative Building
Waterfront Castries Saint Lucia
Telephone: (758) 468-2285
Fax: (758) 453-1305

The Government of Saint Lucia established the Division of Public Sector Modernisation in the Ministry of the Public Service, Information and Broadcasting from April 2012.  The Ministerial portfolios of Information and Communications Technology (ICT), E-Government and Telecommunications are also assigned to this Ministry, under the DPSM. 

The DPSM was established to provide leadership, Coordination and integration to the implementation and monitoring of several key aspects of the modernisation agenda; that is, information and communications technology, e-Government, telecommunications, ICT legal and regulatory frameworks, information and knowledge management and process analysis and re-engineering.  

Strategic Objectives
•    Better public service delivery through the improved management of data, information and communications
•    Better management of critical resources in the public sector
•    Increased levels of connectivity and use of ICT

(1)    Improve management of information and knowledge:
1.1: Increase the use of information and knowledge for informed decision-making.
1.2: Increase the use and interoperability of ICTs in the public service to enable and deliver change.

(2)    Lead change towards a modernized public service capable of enabling and facilitating the achievement of national goals and aspirations:
2.1: Support Ministries and Departments in driving public service modernization on a continuous basis.
2.2: Inspire, drive and coordinate innovation in service delivery across the public service to make services more responsive. 

Programme Areas
•    ICT and e-Government
•    Information and Knowledge Management
•    Process Analysis and Re-engineering

The following projects/units fall under the purview of the DPSM:
•    CARCIP 
•    Multi-Channel Contact and Data Centre (MCDC): 
-    Citizen Contact Centre 
-    Digitization Centre
•    National ICT Office (NICTO)

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