School Guidance Counsellor III, Soufriere Comprehensive Secondary School

Published: 7/22/2022 11:42:44 AM





JOB TITLE:        School Guidance Counsellor III       

CLASSIFICATION:        Grade 14

REPORTS TO:        District VIII Guidance Counsellor




  1. Provides a comprehensive developmental preventative counselling programme to address the academic, career and personal/social development of students in order to enhance the learning process.
  2. Facilitates the support system for students by working in collaboration with all stakeholders including: school personnel, parents/guardians, other professionals, social and other agencies.
  3. Reports to the School Principal as necessary.



  1. Develops and manages the school guidance and counselling plan that is based on student needs and assess the efficacy of the programmes implemented to foster student development.
  2. Provides individual and group counselling services for primary school students through direct interaction with the students within the Education District so as to meet the needs of students (e.g. social, behavioural, emotional, educational and career).
  3. Conducts classroom guidance sessions at primary schools within the Education district to meet student developmental needs.
  4. Consults with school personnel and other professionals, parents/guardians, social and other agencies through one-on-one or group sessions, to effectively address student issues.
  5. Organizes and executes career guidance education and supporting activities to enhance students’ school-to-work transition.
  6. Demonstrates appropriate case management and treatment planning to reflect assessment reports, treatment goals, interventions used and progress notes.
  7. Maintains records and ensures that student information and documents are kept confidential so as to ensure accuracy, confidentiality and reliability of the information.
  8. Initiates referral of students by preparing the appropriate forms, documents or letters to the appropriate services or agencies as necessary, to address the needs of these students.
  9. Ensures that all cases of abuse including abandonment and neglect are reported to the relevant authorities for appropriate action.
  10. Advocates on behalf of students when appropriate to highlight issues that affect those students in an effort to make their lives easier.
  11. Participates in crisis intervention/response activities in schools through collaboration with the District Counsellor, to ensure that appropriate measures are put in place.
  12. Provides support to Health and Family Life Teachers through classroom sessions to more effectively deliver the HFLE programme.
  13. Conducts staff development and parent education workshops to enable teachers and parents to work more effectively with the students.
  14. Attends all scheduled meetings of counsellors to enhance both their personal and professional development.
  15. Participates in professional development activities and maintains a professional development plan to guide self improvement.
  16. Any other related duties that may be assigned from time to time.



  1. Accommodation provided in school (private office equipped with computer/printer, filing cabinet, telephone, executive chair and desk).
  2. Salary is in accordance with the terms and conditions stipulated by Government in the Annual Estimates /Collective Agreement.
  3. Institutional support provided through appropriate public service/teaching service regulations and Ministry Guidelines.
  4. Opportunities exist for personal development and career advancement through established orientation and in service training.



  1. A working knowledge of and the ability to interpret and adhere to the Education Act 2005, Cap.18.01 of the Revised Laws of Saint Lucia and Teaching Service Rules and Regulations: Ministry’s procedures, Staff Orders, Financial and Store Rules, Collective Agreements and other Operating Procedures.
  2. Knowledge of the standard Operation Procedures contained in the Ministry’s Operations Manual.
  3. Knowledge of and the ability to interpret the Children and Young Persons Act 1972 and the Convention of the Rights of the Child 1993.
  4. Knowledge of a range of counselling Theories and practices.
  5. Capacity to work well with a range of individuals and to establish good rapport with stakeholders.
  6. Knowledge of and sensitivity to multicultural issues.
  7. Knowledge of legal and ethical issues pertaining to counselling.



Master’s Degree in Guidance/School Counselling, Psychology, clinical Psychology or Social work from an accredited institution:


Professional Degree in Guidance /School Counselling, Social Work or Psychology with at least 250 hours of supervised practicum:


  1. Training and experience in individual and group counselling.
  2. Experience in implementing didactic programmes in school counselling.



Work performance will be evaluated on the following basis:

  1. Effectiveness of the Guidance and counselling programme at the school.
  2. Proven knowledge of legal and ethical issues pertaining to counselling and ability to establish the limits of confidentiality.
  3. Timely completion, accuracy and quality of work plans and reports.
  4. Proven knowledge and understanding of and the effective application of Teaching Service Rules, Regulations and the Education Act.
  5. Compliance with the Ministry of Education’s Department Guidelines and Policies and Professional Code of Conduct.
  6. Effective implementation of duties, responsibilities and assignments defined in job description.



Salary is at a rate of EC$63,784.17 per annum (Grade 14, Step 1).


Quarters, free medical attention and medicine will not be provided.  The successful applicant’s income will be liable to taxation in accordance with the Income Tax Act Chapter 15.02.

Applications MUST be accompanied by verified copies of ALL certificates and transcripts from the relevant institutions. Two confidential testimonials are required – one from the Principal of the school at which the teacher is presently employed and one from the Education Officer for the District. For applicants outside of the school system, testimonials should be from immediate supervisors.

Please note that:

  1. performance and punctuality will be used as part of the criteria for selection of persons already in the Education System;


  1. the successful applicant may be given an acting appointment for up to twelve (12) months; and


  1. applicants are required to indicate administrative positions held and experience gained.



Applications on the prescribed forms should be addressed to:

The Secretary

Teaching Service Commission

Stanislaus James Buildings

The Waterfront



Completed application forms should reach the Secretary, Teaching Service Commission by August 11, 2022.

Application Forms can be obtained from the Office of the Teaching Service Commission, Ground Floor, Sir Stanislaus James Building, The Waterfront, Castries or


Ministry: Ministry of Public Service, Home Affairs, Labour and Gender Affairs