National Anthem

  1. Sons and daughters of Saint Lucia love the land that gave us birth. Land of beaches, hills and valleys, fairest isle of all the earth. Wheresoever you may roam, love, oh love, our island home.
  2. Gone the times when nations battled for this Helen of the West. Gone the days when strife and discord, dimmed her children’s toil and rest. Dawns at last a brighter day, stretches out a glad new way.
  3. May the Good Lord bless our island; guard her sons from woe and harm. May our people, live united, strong in soul and strong in arm. Justice, truth and charity, our ideals forever be.

Lyrics by: Rev. Charles Jesse FMI

Music by: Mr. Leton Thomas

Protocol for the National Anthem

  1. Whenever the National Anthem is played, all civilians present should stand at attention, men with bared heads. Uniformed persons should act in accordance with instructions.
  2. All three verses of the National Anthem will be sung. Normally one verse will be played. It shall consist of the first twelve bars of the anthem unless otherwise stated.
  3. The National Anthem shall be played:-
     (a)for the purposes of a salute on ceremonial or official occasions, on arrival and departure of:
       i. the Governor-General
       ii.the Sovereign or a member of the Royal Family
       iii. a foreign Sovereign, Head of State, or member of a reigning foreign Imperial or Royal Family
       iv. Governor-General of Independent Commonwealth countries
       v. Governors of the OECS States
       vi. Governors, High Commissioners or Officers administering the Government of a dependent territory within the commonwealth, and
    (b)at the beginning of all public performances in a cinema house or other public building.
  4. The National Anthem may be played:-
      (a) at the completion of any public function, or
     (b) when toasts are proposed at official functions
  5. The National Anthem should not be parodied in verse or in song, neither should it be played in any tempo other than that officially recognised. In particular, the tune should not be used as a dance number or for the purposes of advertisement.
  6. When more than one anthem is played, the Saint Lucia anthem should be played last.