Forensic Lab marks first anniversary of reopening
Friday, March 2, 2018
by Claudia Monlouis, Ministry of Home Affairs

The Saint Lucia Forensic Science Laboratory marked the first anniversary of its reopening on Feb. 27.

Director of the Saint Lucia Forensic Science Laboratory, Fernanda Henry, said the visibility of the forensic lab will be increased with a view to educating the public about its role.

“I am happy for the opportunity for us to be showcased, especially when most persons are not sure of our role, what services we provide, and weather we are operational or not. So I want to assure the public that the lab is functional and we are working—not to the capacity we are capable of yet, but we are moving in that direction.”

Resident British Commissioner, Steve McCready, also paid a courtesy call on the forensic science lab, to discuss a number of matters surrounding possible areas of technical assistance as well as the status of any criminal investigations involving British nationals.

Mr. McCready said he and colleagues from the foreign and commonwealth offices were pleased with the meeting, while the tour of the facility provided a platform for potential technical cooperation that could benefit the institution.

“We work very closely with the police and always find the lines of communication very good whenever we need to speak to them about various consular issues. This morning we followed up on these discussions. We spoke about how we can better collaborate and we spoke about doing some work on particular cases. It was a very useful meeting,” he said.

Ms. Henry said the meeting demonstrated that the laboratory plays a critical role in both internal and external synergies with respect to criminal justice.

“It was very enlightening, both from the British Consulate’s perspective as well as our perspective, so we can understand the synergy between the police, the British Embassy and the role that the lab can play with respect to investigations involving British nationals.”

The island of Saint Lucia and the British share a longstanding historical relationship and very productive modern day diplomatic ties.