Schools to benefit from face mask distribution
Tuesday, March 30, 2021
by CCC

The Office of the Mayor will in the coming days complete the distribution of some eight thousand (8,000) face masks to schools within Castries as part of its contribution to the fight against the spread of COVID-19.

The face masks were recently donated to the Office of the Mayor by Taipei City through the Taiwanese Ambassador to Saint Lucia, His Excellency, Peter Chen.

The donated items will assist staff, students, parents and visitors at Castries schools to protect themselves from COVID-19.

Mayor Peterson D. Francis says wearing the masks, combined with basic safety precautions such as regular hand-washing, sanitizing and social distancing, will help safeguard our teachers, students, and their families, particularly when the decision is taken to return to the classrooms.

“We recognize that many schools are faced with the challenge of providing enough essential items like face masks for students, staff, parents and visitors. In that regard, we are very delighted to support our institutions amid the COVID-19 pandemic by providing much needed supplies to help create a healthy and safe environment," said Mayor Francis.

The Entrepot Secondary School was the very first beneficiary and received two thousand, four hundred (2,400) face masks last week.